Best of Sony’s Playstation 3: Cosplay Edition!

Sony has definitely made a giant impact on the hearts of gamers this generation. Whether it’s from making us fall in love with the adventurous Nathan Drake, feeling the power of the Gods with God of War’s Kratos, or giving us a beautiful landscape to explore, meeting friendly new creatures along the way in Ni no Kuni. It is without a doubt that Sony has hit it hard when it comes to exclusives for their console, giving us something to really remember the console by. As this console generation is reaching its end, we are obligated to commemorate a passing of an era- and what better way to do that than through some beautiful, badass cosplays?!

God of War: Kratos
Even though he is possibly one of the most violent and angry characters in gaming, Kratos has become an iconic and loved figure. With questionable morality, Kratos desperately tries to change his fate, but he never seems to be so lucky, constantly running into disaster after disaster. Kratos only wants one thing: revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge. Well, thanks to Raychul Moore, he can get some sort of satisfaction- what better than to be transformed into a more beautiful, yet still insanely powerful, version!

Infamous: Cole MacGrath
cole-mcgrath-cosplay-1Poor Cole MacGrath. Such bad luck! He had a simple job: to deliver a measley, seemingly harmless package. Little did he know that that package was carrying an explosive that would detonate and kill thousands of people in his city! However, one good thing did come out of the incident: it gave Cole a special, electrifying ability of electrokinesis. With guilt, Cole swears to help regain his city as much as possible, even if people are now against him. In honor of the brave Cole MacGrath, Zaphrozz created this amazing cosplay that looks like it’s straight out of the game!

Uncharted: Nathan Drake

nathan-drake-cosplay-1Nathan Drake is the adventurous treasure hunter of the Sony exclusive brigade. Embarking on endless, dangerous journeys in the name of the man he believes he is an ancestor of, Sir Francis Drake, Nathan shows us that he is courageous, witty, and really good at climbing rocks! Although Mr. Drake’s somewhat jerkish personality can leave much to be desired at times, he is one of the most lovable jerks around. It is safe to say that female gamers around the world have grown quite a crush on Nathan Drake over the years, and thanks to Sony’s own, Meli, you men can be drawn into this female version of him!

 Tales of Xillia: Milla Maxwell

tales-of-xillia-cosplay-1Tasked with the greatest duty of all: to protect the world from destruction, Tales of Xillia’s Milla Maxwell must do everything in her power to ascertain the safety of her people. Unfortunately she gets marked as a fugitive, losing the aid of her helpful Four Great Spirits, but this does not stop her. Courageous and selfless, Milla Maxwell is a loyal and fearless protector that will do anything in her power to guard what she believes in. Looking more beautiful than ever, Milla is portrayed by Midori Yang  in this cosplay that is sure to make us remember this RPG fan favorite!

Ni no Kuni: Queen Cassiopeia

ni-no-kuni-cosplay-1Cassiopeia proved herself to be an adorable little helper in the absolutely stunning Ni no Kuni. Consistently aiding the young Oliver throughout his journey, Queen Cassiopeia is a loyal and faithful companion. Although we do not want to give away any spoilers on the origin of Cassiopeia for those of you crazy fools who have yet to play the game, here is an amazingly beautiful cosplay of her by Vanessa Wedge for you to enjoy!

 Honorable Mention: Sackboy


Okay, we just had to throw this in here, seeing as LittleBigPlanet is one of the funnest co-op games on the Playstation system- and what better than an adorable Ghostbusters version of the little Sackboy created by Jonathan!

That wraps up our homage to Sony’s Playstation 3 through cosplay. Hopefully the Playstation 4 will brings us new enjoyable exclusives for us to grow fond of and make awesome costumes of. Only time will tell!



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