Fan-Made The Legend Of Zelda Maker Is Here

With the success of the latest create-your-own Mario level title known as Mario Maker, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see another game like Metroid or Zelda get the creation treatment. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any announcements of upcoming “Maker” projects by Nintendo but fear not, a fan-created The Legend of Zelda Maker is now available and best of all, it’s free!

The creator of the game also left a disclaimer on his YouTube video which reads ” Zelda Maker (Temp) is a non-official project started by myself, which will allow players to create and share Legend of Zelda worlds of their own. Nintendo will cease and desist a project like this, so in time, when I’ve got the ability to change the sprites, I will do so, and I will also add things that Zelda games don’t have to make it a somewhat unique experience. Regardless, I won’t be acting like this isn’t going to be a Zelda (Maker?) clone, through and through. I’d just like to add some things that I think official Zelda games could use. This is a very early build of the game, and it does not represent what the final game will look like.”

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Written by Guest Contributor: Francision



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