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All That’s Cosplay’s Ultimate Convention Checklist


If you have never been to a convention or are unsure of what to pack for your fun-filled day, then look no further! Let’s make this short and sweet… BEHOLD, the Ultimate Convention Checklist is here to help you pack your bags and prepare you for a day packed with nerdy goodness.


General Attendee Necessities

  • Nutrition: Staying at a convention all day can be a tiring affair, and the food inside is usually overpriced and at the end of a very long line. It can also get very hot in the convention center between the tens of thousands of attendees, so always have at least one bottle of water with you. I also recommend packing a couple snacks, like protein or granola bars, maybe some fruit to give you some extra energy and save some money. Check the convention rules just in case they do not allow outside food into the establishment.
  • Money: You will want to buy stuff! And there is… a lot… of stuff to buy. Carry some extra cash for a cool new gaming T-shirt, Game of Thrones pendant necklace, superhero figurine or giant Companion Cube plushy.
  • Camera/Phone: Whether you are a pro or a regular con-goer, you will want your camera handy both outside and inside the convention doors. Take pictures of booth displays, swag you plan on buying later, celebrities, panels and of course all the costumes and cosplayers wandering around! Lots to see, lots to do, and lots to remember, so you better clear your memory card for the big day!
  • Tickets and Badge: Do you have to print off a ticket or give the teller your photo ID? Make sure you know the convention’s “getting in” policies and how they are organizing people getting into the building. Always keep your ID handy.
  • Deodorant: Please… just please… Be prepared before and preferably during the convention with a handy dandy stick of deodorant in your bag. It doesn’t seem like a big deal now but trust me. Even if it is a cold day, you and everyone standing around you will thank you for smelling fresh (or not at all). To reiterate, convention centers can get very hot and muggy.


Cosplaying Musts

Remember to pack your whole costume!

  • Costume maintenance kit: If something can go wrong, it usually will. Make sure you have the necessary tools to do some quick repairs on your gear, for example sewing needles and thread, glue gun, paint, extra straps/fixing, small scissors or buttons.
  • Extra makeup: Anything from body paint and Spirit Gum to eyeliner and Chap Stick.
  • Change of shoes: Whether you are half way through the day or at the end of all the festivities, it will feel SO MUCH BETTER walking back to your car or hotel in a pair of comfy shoes. Sure, those cosplay heels may *feel* okay in the store but trust me, standing all day can really take a toll on your feet and sometimes it may not be easy to sit down in your costume.

Optional Stuff

  • Change of Clothes
  • Business Cards
  • A costume helper (Recommended. Thanks mom!)


We hope this list helps you be better prepared for your convention. These events can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. For a quick go-to guide, check out the infographic below.


All That's Cosplay Comic-Con Survival Guide



Written by Guest Contributor: OshleyCosplay



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