You Can Sign Up For The Xbox One Mods Beta For Fallout 4

Bethesda is now accepting sign-ups to beta test Fallout 4’s upcoming console mods. Xbox One owners are the first to sign up for the upcoming closed beta.

Bethesda revealed earlier this month that the beta would commence on Xbox One shortly after Fallout 4‘s third add-on Far Harbor is release. The developer also confirmed that a closed beta for PlayStation 4 players would begin sometime next month.

The developer released a tweet on their official Twitter page yesterday, providing the link for those interested in signing up for the beta testing. In order to sign up for the chance to try out console mods, you will need to head onto Bethesda’s beta sign-up page via Once you are on the site, log onto your Bethesda account, or create an account, fill out a short form, with a valid email address, your gamertag, what system you own Fallout 4 on, as well as some questions regarding your experience with the game.







Written By Guest Contributor Taylor Lyles

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