The Top PS3 Exclusives Games You Can’t Miss Before You Grab a PS4!


It has been a long time coming for fans that are ready and excited for what the next generation of consoles can bring to the gaming and entertainment table. Of course that doesn’t mean it is time to chuck your current systems away like a forgotten toy at Christmas. In fact, now is the time to make sure you didn’t miss anything your console had to offer! Today, in honor of the release of the Playstation 4, we are going to call out some of our favorite Playstation 3 exclusives you should make sure you play before moving on to the next great thing. Ok, no I know it’s entirely possible you have played every single game on this list, you badass gamer, you. Or maybe you have played some, but a couple have just slipped past your radar. Who knows, maybe you are brand new to the gaming world all together and you just got yourself a PS3 and you have no idea where to start. If you are the latter two of these options, then this list is for you, epic friends! Check out the All That’s Epic list of PS3 exclusives you shouldn’t miss!

Uncharted Series

January 29th, 2011 @ 19:11:28

If there is a definitive series that Playstation 3 is known for, it is definitely the Uncharted series. Naughty Dog came along and made a truly compelling story with a Tomb Raider-like combination of action, shooting, and puzzles and did it in a damn near perfect way. They are all fantastic games, with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves being especially wonderful. The relationships between the characters are particularly intriguing in this chapter of the series, especially the back and forth between Sully and Nathan Drake. The wisecracking alone between the two makes the game a must play. The games are gorgeous and the creativity and effort to make deep and intricate stories make it a series you can’t miss out on.


Killzone 2


Killzone 2 is by and large the best Killzone of all time (for now. I’m looking at you Killzone: Shadow Fall, let’s see what you can do!) It blends its own special kind of chaotic action with a surprisingly interesting plot for a game of its nature, and great graphics to boot. Its defining quality though is the fantastic 32-player multiplayer mode.


Valkyria Chronicles


When it comes to strategy-RPG’s, Valkyria Chronicles is easily the best on Playstation 3 (I consider Disgaea 4 an extremely close second). One of the things about Valkyria that draws you in is that it brought the classic feel of traditional Japanese tactical game play into a new era. The visuals are astounding and with a soundtrack (which was composed by the great Hitoshi Sakimoto of Vagrant Story fame) accompanying the epic war story, it continues to remain one of the best games Playstation 3 has to offer.


Infamous 2:


Infamous took the “sandbox”, open city genre and pumped new, super human blood into its veins, but Infamous 2 took that fresh idea and expanded on it in an even better way. Infamous 2 provides Cole with more super human abilities and Empire City provides with three huge islands to fully explore while battling even more moral decisions than offered in the first game. With Infamous: Second son coming early next year to the PS4, this is one you should make sure you try.


The Last of Us:


The newest of the games listed, The Last of Us takes a fresh new look at the stale survival horror genre by focusing again on the creepy atmosphere and emotional journey of the characters rather than the balls-to-the-wall action based games of recent years. Don’t get me wrong; when there is action it is intense and claustrophobic and it sends you into an immediate state of panic (Those clickers are no joke). It uses a terrific blend of stealth and fighting. The story (no spoilers here, but I will say the first 30 minutes or so of the game will evoke almost every emotion know to mankind) is one that will stop you in your tracks on occasion and make you question exactly what you would do when faced with the same situation.




This game has been deemed a masterpiece by everyone under the sun, but certainly with good reason. This indie gem is by thatgamecompany and has been vital in bringing recognition to video games as an art form. Plain and simple, it’s beautiful. The story of the game is told quite skillfully without words, spoken or written. It is a truly unique experience.


Resistance: Fall of Man:


Some may argue that this isn’t the best in the series, but in my humble opinion, it belongs here. In a world of typical historical first person shooters, Resistance stands out. The mix of Sci-fi, horror and an alternate look at Britain in the 1950’s gives it an edge. It offers multiplayer for up to 40 players (Resistance 3 has the best multiplayer of the series), but its strong point is the great campaign.




LittleBigPlanet a good time. It is a superior platformer that can even give Mario a run for his money. In addition to the stellar campaign, what sets the game apart is the massive amount of creative freedom the game provides. You could spend hours and hours just customizing your Sack Boy, let alone creating levels that you can share with the world. There isn’t much the game doesn’t offer and I challenge anyone to pick it up and not have fun.


Yakuza 4:


This game is pretty special. Its mash-up of sandbox, JRPG, and fighting means that it truly does have something for everyone. The intricate story between several characters in four episodes keeps you on your toes. It has its flaws, but it is a solid game that deserves some recognition.


Demon’s Souls:


Those looking for a true challenge can find it in Demon’s Souls. This game is a good reminder that the harder you have to work to gain a level or beat an enemy, the sweeter the reward. Be warned, it isn’t easy. But it is a hell of a lot of fun and the story is entertaining. Plus you feel like a real badass when you finally beat it.


Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time:


One of Sony’s most famous of duos star in yet another edition of the quirky staple in the Sony line up (or is it Qwarky, haha get it?! Oh boy…). There is a reason that people will buy a Playstation just for Ratchet and Clank games alone. They are great, plain and simple. In terms of platformers, the series has continued to provide consistent games and A Crack in Time is no exception. It is considered by many to be the greatest Rachet and Clank game of all time and it easily earns its spot on the list.


Heavy Rain:


This game doesn’t depend on a crazy amount of action and fighting to keep the player engaged. It is more like you are playing through an interactive movie where your actions actually have a realistic affect on the story. And it is a great story. Solving the mystery of the Origami Killer will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is one you can’t miss.


There are a few other games I would like to mention. God of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots are both brilliant games that are easily two of the best games on the console, but I do highly recommend playing previous installments so that you don’t feel entirely confused throughout the game.

If you are brand new on the Playstation 3 scene, give these games a shot and if you are a PS3 veteran, give them one last play through. What the heck, for nostalgic reasons. Enjoy the Playstation 3 and all of its greatest hits just one last time.




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