This Power Girl Cosplay Shoots for the Stars


Known by admirers as ‘The Man of Steel’, the powerful alien Kal-El (better known by his hero alias, Superman) is a man made of pure might with strength and honor guiding him as he battles evil forces. And as always, for every great man there is an equally as impressive woman and in Superman’s case that would have to be female Kryptonian refugee, Kara Zor-L aka Power Girl. Like her male counterpart, Power Girl possesses incredible strength, super human speed, x-ray and heat vision, as well as the ability of flight. In a flashy and revealing red, white and blue ensemble, Power Girl always stands out as she fights alongside the best DC Comics heroes, and defeats the worst of foes with her aggressive fighting style.

Power Girl is a beautiful, strong, and sexy character who is always drawn standing tall with strength and purpose in her stance. Fit and agile, she can jump into the fight at a moment’s notice. Her red cape matches that of Superman’s and gives her an even more dynamic look while in flight, with her skin-tight bodysuit making it easy for her to move around freely. Always ready for action, she is virtually the epitome of beauty that can seriously kick your ass.


With a spot-on Power Girl costume, cosplayer Jillstyler really helps to bring the character right out of the comic book pages and into the real world. Looking strong, confident, and tough she seems as if she is just about to head into the fight herself. With attention to Power Girl’s signature details such as a her cute blonde bob hairstyle and the shimmering golden chain holding up her aforementioned cape, Jillstyler makes sure everything hits the mark in this phenomenal cosplay. It seems Power Girl will forever be a popularly represented heroine character, helping girls feel strong and brave one kick-ass cosplay at a time.

 Photography by Sweet Coins




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Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee




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