This Power Girl Cosplay Shoots for the Stars

DC Comics’ Power Girl is “punch first, ask questions later” kind of woman. And that disposition suits her just fine as a member of the Justice Society of America. Her real name is Kara Zor-L, but she’s also known as Karen Starr, the CEO of Starrware Industries. She was originally created to be the Earth 2 counterpart to Supergirl, and her origin story is basically in keeping with Supergirl’s in that she is a cousin to Superman and a native of the planet Krypton. Power Girl’s parents, Allura and Zor-L, sent her to Earth as an infant at same time as her cousin, Kal-L, but her ship took much longer to reach its destination. Kara grew to adulthood in suspended animation during the trip and she arrived on Earth at about twenty years of age. She quickly adopted a unique costume and superhero identity to distinguish herself from Superman.

Power Girl was created in 1976 when a powerful new heroine was needed to join Earth 2’s premiere super-team. At the time, the other active members were all male, and had lived through WWII, making DC fear that readers wouldn’t identify with them. She brought a breath of fresh, feminine air to the DC lineup and has served as a kickass character ever since. The name “Power Girl” reflects that Kara Zor-L chooses not to be seen as a derivative of Superman, but rather as her own person and her own distinct superhero. This choice is reflected in the strong, feminist attitudes of her character.


Kara’s universe was destroyed in the Crisis On Infinite Earths arc, and all its inhabitants were erased from history. Power Girl survived and now resides in the primary DC universe. That said, her origin story has changed several times in continuity when the Multiverse was erased Post-Crisis. She’s also been seen as a descendant of Arion with ties to Atlantis.

Power Girl is one of the top fighters in the JSA. She’s a rough and tumble brawler who embodies the spirit of the Golden Age. Noted for her gung-ho attitude, she likes to kick ass and doesn’t take flack from anyone. She works well with both the older and younger heroes of the JSA. Her distinctive costume lacks an emblem, which she uses to distract foes during combat. She’s been a member of the Justice League, Justice Society, Infinity Inc., Birds of Prey, the Suicide Squad, and the Sovereign Seven. In the New 52, Power Girl’s backstory has been ret-conned again. There, she is the former Supergirl of Earth 2 and is teamed with a rebooted Huntress (Helena Wayne, former Robin of Earth 2).

power-girl-cosplay-3Photography by Shila Forsman Photography

Cosplayer Enji Night captures the strength and beauty of Power Girl in this gorgeous cosplay. The look is all there, from the sporty blonde bob to the shoulder piece and flowing red cape. And, of course, Enji Night looks lovely in Power Girl’s white leotard. It takes body confidence to wear this costume, and confidence is a huge part of Power Girl’s personality. This is a wonderful cosplay of a very kick ass character. Love the attention to detail in the gloves, belt, and even the makeup. Enji Night looks fabulous and most importantly, powerful.










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