This New Super Mario Maker Costume Is For The Birds

Super Mario Maker is getting a new costume! Even better, it’s of the incredibly popular Yamamura, a.k.a that pigeon in Super Mario Maker that gave you tips when you made your first level in Super Mario Maker!

Okay, in all seriousness, the pigeon from Super Mario Maker isn’t exactly what many would refer to as iconic, but it does show that Nintendo is willing to get a little silly when it comes to delivering new content in Super Mario Maker, as if we needed more proof of that. Starting today, a new event course is available for all Super Mario Maker players which upon completion, will net you the 8 bit pigeon costume to use in the original Super Mario Bros. set, thus letting players the world over create levels that let them spread their wings and fly like an eagle, er, pigeon.

Super Mario Maker is available now exclusively for the Wii U. Hey, if a Mahjong tile can be playable, I don’t see why a pigeon can’t either.








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