This Diablo Barbarian Cosplay is Divine


Get ready for some in-your-face action with a barbarian in Diablo III. A fierce group of people, barbarians are an immensely large and savage group who was once deemed the protectors of their homeland Mount Arreat. Since then, some have become aimless and wander the lands without honor or direction.


There are several classes to choose from in Blizzard’s Diablo. Each lends its own fighting style and abilities/skills. The Barbarian class is perfect for those who want to charge in without fear and smash their enemies into pulp. As you progress in your quest, your barbarian will become immensely more powerful and find more armor that is as tough as it is intimidating.

barbarian-cosplay-3Photography by Project Cosplay

The immensely talented Andy Rae brings us an exquisitely beautiful barbarian. Andy Rae is easily one of the top skilled cosplayers among worbla use with her talents in both forming the armor and in her immaculate paint jobs. Her armor work can also be seen in her Battle Armor Sailor Jupiter and her paladin from World of Warcraft. Be sure to check out her page to see her vast collection of epic cosplays!

barbarian-cosplay-4Photography by WeNeal’s




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