The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 Hounded Review

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6: ‘Hounded’ Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Its official: Rick has gone crazy! Hearing voices on a telephone is pretty high on the crazy meter but it wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without some crazy mixed in. I think we all knew that Rick was going to lose his mind soon between Lori’s death and his new authoritarian role. More reuniting takes place this week and, along with a crazy Rick added to the mix, this makes for an entertaining episode in the ongoing adventure known as The Walking Dead Season 3.

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Merle and his group are hunting for Michonne on what appear to be the Governor’s orders. She slaughters some zombies to try and send them a message to go back to Woodbury but she sneaks up on them and kills two of the subordinates. Merle manages to injure her with a shot to the leg. They meet again later but are interrupted by walkers and Michonne gets away once again.

Rick answers the mysterious ringing phone and a woman answers. She gives no name and she refuses to disclose any information about where she is or who she’s with. Rick tries to locate them and asks them if they can just get together and merge groups but she says she’ll call back in a couple of hours and hangs up.

Andrea asks the Governor to put her on wall duty and he gladly accepts. She starts talking to another female guard about having to kill their family members. A walker appears and after the guard’s horrible aim, Andrea finally jumps over the wall and silences the walker for good. The Governor basically tells her not to do it again and Andrea discusses the arena with the Governor. She at first has the tone of “This is just too brutal in an already brutal world” but changes this opinion as the episode goes on. She feels shameful because she really does like the fights that the Governor puts on. The built up tension between the two releases when they finally kiss and sleep together.

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Hershel comes to talk with Rick who is waiting for the phone to ring again. Rick pulls up a seat for him and Hershel thanks him for saving his life and describes how his lack of leg feels like a ghost limb to him. Hershel tells Rick how Lori was sorry for the things she did and nothing about this is discussed further. Rick breaks down and confides in Hershel about the phone calls and integrating the groups. He offers to wait with Rick but is declined.

The phone rings once again but this time a man is on the other line when Rick picks up. He starts asking Rick how many people he’s killed. Rick goes on about how he only killed people who threatened him and the group. When the mysterious man asks about how his wife died, Rick won’t talk about it. The man hangs up instantly.

Glenn and Maggie go on a run to a town nearby. They get supplies and Michonne is seen off in the distance, spying on them. Merle sneaks up on the two and asks Glenn about his brother. Glenn, who really doesn’t want Merle to know about the prison, tells him to wait in the town while he goes to get Daryl. Merle attacks them and takes Maggie and Glenn back to Woodbury as hostages.

Daryl, Carl, and Oscar walk through the prison, clearing places out. Daryl tries to bring comfort to Carl by relating to him. He talks about how his mother died in a house fire while Carl retorts about how he shot his mom before she turned. They come across a walker and Daryl notices Carol’s knife stuck in his neck. Distraught by this, he starts stabbing the floor and the walls out of anger when he’s alone. Annoyed by a door that keeps opening and closing, he breaks it open and finds Carol in a weakened state but alive nonetheless.

The phone rings once more and Rick discovers how they knew all this information. The people on the other end of the phone are people from the group who have died: Amy, Jim, and Lori. He breaks down to Lori but finally hangs up the phone and moves on from it. Rick finally holds his newborn baby and walks outside with Carl and the others. He notices Michonne at the gate of the prison, holding the supplies Glenn and Maggie scavenged for.

The one problem with season 2 was that the story progression was pretty slow and I can honestly say that this isn’t a problem at all with season 3. There is so much story progression jam packed into each episode that has all Walking Dead viewers eagerly waiting for each Sunday. Another bonus is how many ideas are taken from the comics and portrayed wonderfully in the show this season. As long as this kind of advancement is kept up, this season will be absolutely perfect.

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