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“The Walking Dead” Season 3, Episode 4: ‘Killer Within’ Review

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

We’re back at the prison and it never felt so good! It was a nice change of pace, having an episode completely devoted to Michonne and Andrea’s “fortunate” rescue but I know you had those burning questions regarding the rest of the group. Prepare yourself for an emotional whirlwind and so much anticipation for next Sunday.

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Episode 4 starts off with a mysterious person baiting zombies with dead carcasses and busting the chain lock on the gate outside the prison. Is this the work of the Govenor? After poking some fun at Glenn and Maggie sneaking off to the guard tower together, the two inmates left from the prison try to negotiate with Rick and the group. They no longer want to live in a cell block full of dead bodies and are willing to do anything to assimilate into Rick’s group. Rick is still adamant on keeping the group safe by assuming the worst of the inmates.

Michone investigates one of the army cars brought in by the Governor and finds fresh blood on one of the turrets and bullet holes on its side. The Governor sneaks up on her snooping around and a tense conversation ensues. It’s obvious how distrusting she is of the Governor while he keeps up the appearance of offering a helping hand. Andrea is more accepting of the Governor’s help while Michonne thinks of a plan after they leave Woodbury. Andrea shows Merle where the farmhouse is on a map but is denied allowance to go there by the Governor until more substantial evidence surfaces.

Rick gives the inmates enough food for a week and after that, the group plans on sending them out on their own. Hershel is in good spirits as he walks around the prison (with some assistance) and beings to adjust to his handicap. Just as soon as you think everything is going so well, all hell breaks loose. Walkers start pouring into the prison and the group becomes overrun quickly, causing them to separate. T-Dogg is bitten in the process of reclosing the gate, and Rick assumes that the inmates are to blame. You think it couldn’t get any worse? Lori starts going into labor trying to escape a group of Walkers with neither Hershel nor Carol at her side to help with the delivery.

In this episode, we say goodbye to two of the group. Carol tries so hard to get T-Dogg back to the others but he knows what’s going to happen and decides that he can get Carol out of here before he turns. He dies like a hero by holding two walkers against a wall so that Carol can escape safely. While being chased by a pretty sizeable group of walkers inside the prison, Lori starts having contractions and realizes the baby is on the way. They hole up in a room and Lori starts trying to push the baby out with no luck. She realizes that she won’t make and has a very heartfelt moment with Carl after telling Maggie that she has to have the baby by C-section. Carl gives Maggie his knife and she cuts along Lori’s old C-section scar and is able to save the baby while Lori dies during the delivery.

This has been the best episode of the season since the season premiere. Something that completely drives me nuts and pulls me in at the same time is how this show turns on and off like a light switch. One second, things seem to be going fine and then the next, everything you know is gone and your world is flipped upside down. After all the hard work of trying to make the prison secure and then what do you know…the whole place goes up in metaphorical flames. This season has really hit the audience hard and I sincerely hope it keeps running in this direction.

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