The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 2 ‘Sick’ Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Felt like nothing could top the season opener of “The Walking Dead”? Well, it could be just matter of opinion, but Season 3 of the hit AMC series seems to be pacing along fluently. There are already crippled limbs, questionable prisoners, and a major dilemma concerning the safety of the group. Would it be the Holy Grail of shows that everyone has made it out to be without so many plot twists and “just plain awesome” factor? One thing is for sure: there’s hardly a dull moment, whether it’s brains getting bashed in or an intense heart-to-heart moment between the survivors.

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Continuing where the major cliffhanger at the end of the season premiere left off, Rick has hacked off Hershel’s walker-bitten leg in an attempt to save him from certain death. The survivors also have the added problem of the newly discovered gang of prison inmates staring them down at gunpoint. Rick and the others really don’t seem to care at all about the holed-up criminals, because they are preoccupied with how Hershel’s leg is bleeding out. Carol takes on the role of doctor once they get Hershel back to the safety of the cell block. It’s very apparent that Daryl is immensely skeptical of the prisoners and the groups bicker back and forth about who has ownership over the prison. It also becomes clear that the prisoners have no clue about the zombie apocalypse that has taken place outside of the walls that have protected them for months. More arguments ensue, and it starts becoming more obvious how dangerous the prisoners’ group dynamic could be. They come to an uneasy agreement that both groups can stay as long as Rick helps the prisoners clear a cellblock for themselves. Rick’s group demands half of the remaining food supply as makeshift payment for clearing out the walkers. Even as the deal is struck, Rick is still as skeptical as can be. Things look pretty grim for the survivors as Hershel has lost a lot of blood and they face the possibility of him coming back as a walker.

After such a big fuss surrounding the season premiere, the second episode is still awesome, but not quite as exciting as the first. The action scenes were very fulfilling because of how hard-hitting they were – literally. Where the action lacks, the powerful storytelling makes up for it. There are some impactful moments between Rick and Lori, Maggie and Hershel, and Carol and a walker corpse, as we see these characters being pushed to their absolute limits. I’m also really enjoying how much the show is paying tribute to the comics. Sure, the smaller details aren’t exactly the same but in the grand scheme of things; it doesn’t hurt the show at all. So far, this season has yet to have a dull moment and it really does keep you guessing. One great thing about Season 3 of “The Walking Dead” is how it’s keeping all of us on our toes and how it makes us keep coming back for more.

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