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“The Walking Dead” Season 3: Episode 1 Review: ‘Seed’

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

How excited were you for the season premiere of “The Walking Dead”? This is probably one of the most anticipated returns of a television show ever, but was it worth the agonizing wait? You bet it was. “The Walking Dead” started off on a great path towards a season that could very well outshine its predecessors.

The episode begins with all the characters from the finale that managed to escape the farm together raiding a local house. Andrea, who was separated from the group, is still not seen so her whereabouts (and who the shadowy figure that saved her is) are unknown. The group swiftly searches the house and Carl finds some dog food with no human food around. You’d think this would be the biggest problem but as soon as Lori makes her first appearance, you see she’s quite far along in her pregnancy. There is absolutely no dialogue between any of the characters while they search the house. The only thing given is the “all clear” signals between them. The posse quickly exits when zombies start to rush towards the house. While resting and getting things together, they discover what looks to be an abandoned prison. Rick delegates tasks to the group to clear out a section inside for the night.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1 Seed Lori

The episode shifts over to Michonne, the shadowy figure that saves Andrea in the finale. She helps take care of Andrea, who is suffering from an unknown sickness and worrying about being a detrimental expense that could cost them both their lives. They plan to leave from where they’ve holed up, using two armless and jawless zombies as a way to maneuver through the zombies they encounter.

The Walking Dead Season 3:Episode 1 Seed

There was just the exact right amount of action in this episode. The greatest thing about “The Walking Dead” thus far has been the wonderful balance between the action and the story. It was just awesome seeing blood splatters, decapitations, and limb removals while still feeling like the story was just as important. The tension between Rick and Lori is still one of the pivoting points of the episode and continues where it left off and even elaborated on the feelings behind it even more. The new relationship between Michonne and Andrea show both how far the story has progressed from where it left off and allowed a super-new, favorite comic character to be introduced. Survivors grow closer, romantic sparks fly, and the episode ends with a gigantic cliffhanger as usual all in the span of an hour!

I’ve been waiting for this season premiere since the second the finale of season 2 ended. It’s been so exciting anticipating this and I was in no way disappointed. The thing that I’m most excited about is how much the show seems to be going in the same direction of the comics. Even though that’s what I’m especially excited for, the season opener still leaves so much up to the imagination. The energy of the show is absolutely fantastic and it can only get better from here on out. Overall, this kind of successful introduction is what will plant you in your seat every Sunday night.



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