The Walking Dead Season 5 Zombies

‘The Walking Dead’ Puts Zombies on a Plane in New Web Series

First snakes, now this. AMC has announced a stand-alone web series depicting an outbreak of walkers on an airplane. This should be fun!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the special will connect with the timeline of AMC’s new Walking Dead spinoff series, Fear the Walking Dead, which premiered last Sunday. Fear is set during the early stages of the zombie outbreak. The 30-minute special will show an in-flight walker attack, and will also introduce a new character to the FTWD ensemble.

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The as-yet-unnamed special will release online in chapters and will also be shown during Season 6 of The Walking Dead this Fall. AMC’s has produced similar Walking Dead-themed web series, but this will be the first to introduce a character from the show. It will also be the first to take place in the friendly skies.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC. The Walking Dead returns for Season 6 Sunday, October 11 at 9pm.

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