The Walking Dead Season 3 Death Watch: Who Will Die Next?

“The Walking Dead” Death Watch: Who Will Die Next?

Warning: Season 3 Spoilers ahead!

There’s been so much speculation about who deserves to die on “The Walking Dead”, and who will actually die. Let’s face it: After the shocking deaths of T-Dog and Lori, it’s clear that no one is off limits. Let’s take a closer look at the remaining characters, and rank their survivability on a 5 point scale. A rating of = highest likelihood of survival, and a rating of 1 = high likelihood of death by zombie.


Walking Dead S3 RickRick Grimes
Survivability: 4

As season 2 ended, we saw a side of Rick that we had never seen before. He’s become more of a dictator instead of leading the group with more democratic ways. Rick has become more hardened when it comes to everyone in the group, including his own wife. As many times as he’s been in danger, he always seems to find a way to survive it. As seen in the spoiler for this coming week’s episode, Rick starts to go a little crazy after learning his wife died during labor. We can see a total mental and emotional breakdown coming from Rick from a mile away.

Normally, I’d rank his survivability down pretty low just because of how Rick has transformed from ne’er do bad small town sheriff to this hardened, dictator, unstable man living in the zombie apocalypse. I suspect he’s going to do something very irrational in the episodes to come and he’s going to lose the support of the group completely. Despite this, he’s the main character of the series and I have sneaking suspicion that the creators don’t want to kill off the main character.


Walking Dead S3 CarlCarl Grimes
Survivability: 3

Since the beginning of season 3, we have seen Carl adapt from a scared little boy to a zombie killing machine. He’s going into rooms and handling zombies by himself, Rick is imparting more responsibilities on him, and he is even hormone crazy with all those flirtatious looks he’s been giving Beth. He has changed his strategy from cowering behind his parents to taking care of the problems head on. It’s so sad that a boy this young has to become a toughened zombie killer but what else would you expect in a world gone to hell?

Before season 3, I would have given him a lower ranking but Carl has become an essential part of the group. He’s able to shoot guns and defend the group at his young age. If another zombie breakout in the prison happens, I think he’s agile and good enough with guns that he would be able to escape. As for surviving on his own, I don’t think he’d be able to do that for very long.


Walking Dead S3 GlennGlenn Rhee
Survivability: 5

Glenn’s usefulness has been apparent since episode 2 of season one. He’s very agile, he risks his life to get supplies for others, and he has become a great warrior against the walkers. The only time he’s ever really come close to dying is when he was lowered down into the well. Even in such an enclosed space, he managed to stay alive and get the rope around the walker.

There’s no doubt that he can survive in this world. He has an equal amount of humility and survival instinct, and cares about everyone in the group. This really showed when he offered to go get Lori a pregnancy test and he when he brought back the prenatal vitamins along with the morning after pill.


Walking Dead S3 MaggieMaggie Greene
Survivability: 4

Maggie appeared as a very tough girl ever since we first saw her. I think Maggie’s only downfall is that she’s too good at quickly giving into her emotions. When the farm was overrun, she wanted to go back rather than move forward because she was so attached to the farm. As many people would be, she’s very protective of her family and will go to great lengths to protect them. She hasn’t had many brushes with death but then again, she’s become a fighter in a very short amount of time.

Even though she can get a little too emotional, she’s very strong and can take on walkers. While she’s tough, she can be caring, gentle, and will do the things needed of her. I think she’s willing to take out anyone that isn’t a part of her family and that’s her biggest downfall.


Walking Dead S3 CarolCarol Peletier
Survivability: 3

Carol appeared very weak when her husband was alive. She took major abuse and tried to protect her Sophia from her violent husband. At this point now, she’s lost her family and has no one left but the people of the group. I thought she was going to die on the farm for sure but when she was saved by Daryl, I felt that there was a change in the wind.

So far, she’s been tough through everything. After losing her family, she’s remained in good spirits and even became stronger when it comes to defending the group and shooting guns. I thought for sure that she was going to die right next to T-Dogg but after his heroic move, I’m sure something inside her changed. I feel that she could go either way: she’s going to survive and be totally awesome or she’s going to die a really stupid death.


Walking Dead S3 DarylDaryl Dixon
Survivability: 5 

I really have enjoyed the changes Daryl has gone through throughout the show. He started as a total bad-ass, only looking out for himself and his brother. He was a part of the group but only enough to where they wouldn’t kick him out. His status in the group definitely changed once Sophia disappeared and he went to so many lengths to find her, getting an arrow to the side and a bullet grazing his head.

In all honesty, Daryl will never die. He’s way too strong and has such great survival instincts, along with him being a great hunter and tracker. If anything were to happen to the group, he would be one of the only ones of the group that could survive on their own. He’s got enough all around skill to make it in the zombie world.


Walking Dead S3 HershelHershel Greene
 Survivability: 3

He saved Carl and he opened up his farm to the group. He was very naïve about how the world worked after the dead came back to life but he quickly changed his ways. Once he realized that everyone he loved was in danger, he did everything he could to protect his family and his farm. Even after his farm was lost, he was bitten by a walker, and his leg was hacked off, he remains a strong unit of the group.

I think Hershel’s chance of survival went down as soon as his leg was amputated. Sure, he was a bit older and probably not as agile as the others but what he lacked there he made up for with the ability to shoot guns and heal most injuries. It’s going to be very hard for him to survive but I think he’ll be around for awhile, even with just one leg.


Walking Dead S3 BethBeth Greene
Survivability: 1

What can really be said about Beth? She’s barely in the mix of the group and she’s just one of those characters that are just drug around the series. She had a mini plot where she became comatose and wanted to kill herself but other than this, what purpose does she have in the series?

There’s barely any interaction with this character. With her suicidal past, she’s probably going to die sometime soon. She doesn’t have enough skill to kill zombies or stay alive at all.



Hopefully, this will give all of the “Walking Dead” fans out there something to think about.  Who do you think will die next? Let us know in the comments below.

Now that we’ve made our predictions, let’s take a moment to remember the victims (so far) of “The Walking Dead” Season Three:

Walking Dead Season 3 R.I.P.



Written by Guest Contributor: missvalentine



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