Survive Nuclear Fallout with this Vault Girl Cosplay

When nuclear bombs finally dropped, citizens of the Fallout world took shelter in various vaults. These vaults, located underground, provided a safe haven from the radiation and other effects of the bombs. More than simple facilities to wait for the bombs to stop dropping, vaults were designed to become underground cities. Complete with living quarters, cafeterias, entertainment and power, the vaults were promoted as a new way of life for those living there.


When first arriving in a vault, old clothes are exchanged for a fancy new vault suit. Cosplayer Verisa changes from her well worn every day clothes into her vault suit in this amazing Vault Girl cosplay. Going with a more denim like fabric versus some of the other fabrics chosen for the vault suit, Verisa looks quite comfortable. Yellow along the zipper and collar gives that pop of color. Shiny blonde hair is adorned with a blue headband. Sipping from a cola bottle, she is ready for all the vault has to offer.








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