Sexy Satsuki Kiryuin Cosplay Will Leave You Breathless

We love to see amazing Kill la Kill cosplays.  The anime is filled with outfits that are perfect cosplay material. Each character has different costume variations for cosplayers to choose from.  One of the most popular, yet most revealing, costume choices are of Ryuko and Satsuki in their Kamuis, Senketsu and Junketsu. It’s therefore no surprise that this Satsuki Kiryuin Cosplay is an attention-getter.

Satsuki Kiryuin Cosplay by Kitana Cosplay

Satsuki Kiryuin Cosplay

Cosplayer Kitana Cosplay looks incredibly gorgeous in her cosplay of Satsuki Kiryuin as she sports Kamui Junketsu.  Paired with incredible photography work by ever-talented photographer, Pugoffka, Kitana truly shines with the beauty of a million life fibers.  Absolutely amazing!




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