Walking Dead Teaser Trailer

Season One ‘Walking Dead’ Trailer Recreated in Fallout 4

People with enough skill, dedication, and time on their hands can create a lot of interesting things. Such as a recreation of The Walking Dead’s season one trailer in Fallout 4. By interesting things, I clearly meant totally awesome things.

Created by UpIsNotJump, who also brought us other Fallout 4 masterpieces such the Daredevil Season 2 trailer, 1,000 Robobrains taking on the Brotherhood of Steel, Captain America Civil War and many others.

UpIsNotJump achieved his goal through the use of console commands along with some mods he created that are not yet available on Nexus, such as Rick’s sheriff hat and clothes. With many fans still, and understandably so, mad with how season 6 ended, this is a fantastic video to help get that nasty taste out of you mouth. It will also help distract fans from the fact that we now have to wait six months before it’s finally revealed what happened at the end of season 6.







Written By Guest Contributor Austin

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