SDCC 2014: Day Three of Our Epic Comic-Con Pictures!

Saturday is always the biggest day of any convention. People from all across the country flooded San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, and it seemed as though there was double the amount of attendees than any other day. Saturday is also easily the biggest day for cosplay at SDCC. Everywhere we turned there were epic cosplayers galore showing off their love for their favorite fandoms. As always, we made sure to photograph all of the epicness that San Diego Comic-Con had to offer: from cosplay, to collectibles and more!

With Saturday having such an abundance of incredible things that we absolutely had to photograph, we have quite a large gallery to showcase so that you guys who didn’t get a chance to visit the convention this year can get a taste of all that the con had to offer.

If you are a cosplayer and see yourself in any of these images, be sure to let us know! Check back tomorrow to see our gallery from the fourth and final day of San Diego Comic-Con.



If you missed out on all the awesomeness that was Preview Night and Day One, click HERE! If you missed out on Friday’s madness, click HERE!




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