SDCC 2013: Day Three of Our Epic Comic-Con Pictures!

SDCC 2013 - Joker and Harley Quinn Cosplay

Welcome back to our ongoing Epic Comic-Con 2013 Picture Gallery special. If you didn’t get a chance to check out Preview Night/Day One and our Day Two images, make sure you treat your eyes to a wealth of what the con had to provide by doing so now. But without further ado, we move onto the biggest and busiest day at the Comic-Con: Saturday.

Saturday is the day at the San Diego Comic-Con when everything epic in the convention center erupts with awesomeness. You have big-time celebrities like Tom Cruise, the cast of True Blood, and the cast of How I Met Your Mother out in the open signing posters for lucky fans. You also have a massive amount of comics, panels, events, toys and let’s not forget a ton of cosplayers as far as your eyes can see. So, instead of having to battle the crowds to check out what was going on at the Comic-Con, we went ahead and did it for you. Enjoy our Day Three of our San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Epic Pictures.



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