RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 9

RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 9 “PvP” Review

Well… I cannot say that I was surprised. RWBY has been getting progressively darker as Volume 3 progressed, even to the point where Rooster Teeth put out a content warning. And you know things are going to be bad when the company suggests that parents watch the new episodes before they let their kids do. Like, having one of the most lovable and innocent characters dismembered level of bad. Or seeing the light in a character’s eyes go out as they die bad.

The only thing that can make this okay is if Penny’s personality and memories are stored on a flash-drive somewhere. Would it not be amazing if she was plugged into the mainframe and was able to not only isolate and destroy Cinder’s virus, but also communicate with Ruby through her scroll? Ironwood has to have some sort of backup, or at least a prototype Penny in a storage closet somewhere, right?

What surprised me the most about this episode was that Ironwood and his soldiers were the only ones who knew that Penny was a robot. You would think that there would have been some sort of hint as to her origins. I mean, they knew that Ironwood was doing all kinds of crazy experiments. And having a robot capable of holding a semblance would have been useful in the case of the Fall Maiden. So why did Ironwood not present Penny as an option? Or maybe he proposed it but the other guardians thought it was unethical.

Sadly Ozpin and the other guardians have far more to worry about than a robotic girl. With the dismemberment of Penny being the final piece in Cinder’s larger plan, an attack on Vale begins. The fear caused by the fight brings a surge of Grimm into the city, which is not helped by Adam and the White Fang bringing Grimm into the city center on airships. Though Ironwood’s army may have been helpful in dealing with this, Neopolitan and Roman Torchwick sabotaged his jets. Emerald and Mercury have disappeared into the woodwork, and Cinder made a rousing speech to instill distrust in authority.

It seems like this heavy assault is going to help Cinder make her way to the Fall Maiden to claim the rest of the power. So Pyrrha needs to make a decision quickly in order to prevent Cinder from becoming unstoppable. And where does Team RWBY fall in all of this? People are still waiting for at least Ruby’s Maidenhood to awaken. Since it did not happen when Mercury backed her into a corner, maybe a confrontation with Cinder will do it?

We can only wait until next week to find out. But if Ruby is going to awaken this season, she better hurry it up. There are only three episodes left.

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