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Roberto Orci Discusses Abdicating Director’s Chair for Star Trek 3

Roberto Orci, known for writing and producing on Transformers, Amazing Spiderman and Star Trek, recently stepped down from directing the Star Trek 3 reboot film. According to multiple sources, Orci is still on board as a producer and the production schedule of the film has not changed.

Many fans are still curious as to why Orci gave up the director’s chair, which he addressed in a Q&A with fans on “Don’t let them do ANYTHING to take you out of that chair”, a fan reminded him, “Because while you’re there, you can make a difference.”

Orci’s response was on point; “Have not forgotten. On the contrary, factored into the decision. There are bigger chairs to consider.” At least it seems like he’s confident about the project continuing and his role.

Popular speculative consensus is that Edgar Wright may take the director’s chair in Orci’s place. Still no especially likely rumors about what the plot may be, though it’s still believed William Shatner will make an appearance similar to Leonard Nimoy in the first reboot.

Star Trek 3 is schedule for warp in theaters in 2016.


Source: CinemaBlend

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