Revisit Rapture With This Amazing Elizabeth Cosplay

“Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.” Nine simple words that at the surface mean nothing, but when applied to a BioShock Fan – or perhaps just BioShock Infinite in particular, a flurry of images might come rushing to ones head. Amongst the recollection of Irrational Games’ latest title would be a girl by the name of Elizabeth Comstock who was indirectly introduced to gamers through the phrase the Lutece twins coined. Though gamers were not fully aware of who the girl was, or the influence she would have on the title’s main protagonist Booker DeWitt. It wasn’t until Booker found himself in Columbia – the city in the sky, that the pieces of the puzzle slowly began to merge together, one of the biggest pieces being Elizabeth Comstock.


During her first scenes, Elizabeth mirrors that of innocence, a girl trapped and wanting nothing more than to escape the outside world. It’s not until the young nineteen year old becomes hardened by the outside world she so desperately craved that her appearance changes – her hair becoming shorter, and her outfit changing, as well as her outlook on the world. Where hope once seemed to dwell, it is no more and Elizabeth is no longer as naïve as she once was. Of course, there is more to Elizabeth than what meets the eye – or more forms rather, as tears in the universe have created a plethora of Elizabeths, each enduring their own pain, happiness, and the like.


Through the copious amounts of Elizabeths emerges one in the first single-player add-on to BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea. Here, players are given the type of Elizabeth who doesn’t seem to have the same innocence the one players got familiar with in BioShock Infinite’s main campaign. Instead, she presents herself as a more stern woman, one who is conditioned to how the world around her works. Instead of being provoked to playfully dance around as she pleases, Elizabeth dons a cigarette, and a looming darkness about her – something that seems to only be confirmed as the episode continues on.


As a woman who presents herself as more than capable of taking care of herself, Elizabeth once again shows that she’s not just a pawn. By using her abilities to aid Booker, and her knowledge of the city under the sea, that some might instead call Rapture, Elizabeth proves that she’s quite the asset. As time continues, it’s only evident that Elizabeth is capable of manipulation and keeping secrets of her own, all things that benefit her in the long run. Pair Elizabeth’s brain with her striking good looks, and it’s no wonder gamers have taken such a liking to her.


In that accord, the same can be said for cosplayers – many of which have taken to dressing up as Elizabeth in any of her forms. However, it takes skill, in both crafting her outfit and executing he essence of Elizabeth, in order to be a cosplayer that has truly grasped the full concept of what Elizabeth is. SandySuicide has done a beautiful job with taking the elements of Elizabeth – such as her short, dark hair, pencil skirt and white button down, and mastered them. In her appropriate poses, and using resources to make it seem as if SandySuicide has imported herself right into Rapture, she has put together one of the better Elizabeth cosplays out there, and one that most might not be used to seeing – considering Elizabeth in her Columbia form seems to be more popular. For all the things SandySuicide has done right, she deserves a pat on the shoulder for a job very well done.


Photography by SergioInstanto.
Image retouching by Thecrystalshoe.



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