Red Power Ranger

Red Ranger Cast in New Power Rangers Movie

Lionsgate has officially announced the actor who will lead their team of nostalgic, color-coded, crime fighting superheroes. According to the Power Rangers Twitter post, Dacre Montgomery has landed the role as the Red Ranger, who joins Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger.

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are writing the script for the film and Brian Casentini, Allison Shearmur and original American Power Rangers Creator Haim Saban are producing the movie scheduled for 2017.

I sincerely hope the producers can find an aesthetic for the power rangers that works on today’s big screen. The sparks-flying, futurism look of most of the classic TV series worked for them, but if Lionsgate hopes to bring the Power Rangers into the present, some happy medium will have to be found. Not as busy and uninspired as the recent Transformers or Ninja Turtles but not completely retro either. Once we get a good look at the power suits, that should give us an idea.

Also, what theme with the new movie use for the rangers? Will it be like the original run of pre-historic creatures? Details not coming fast enough!

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