Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Sixth Global Mission Revealed

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon’s sixth Global Mission has been revealed. The mission will start April 25th and focuses on Poké Beans from the Poké Pelago. Fans will have to explore the area to harvest as many beans as they can to help make this Global Mission a success.

Hopefully, this mission ends up just like the last one, a success. The last Global Mission tasked players with hatching Pokemon eggs, which the fans embraced. In total, everyone was able to come together to hatch a whopping 14,503,078 Pokémon eggs. As a reward, players will get 2,000 FC, or 4,000 FC if the game is connected to the Global Link.

The Global Missions are a great way to bring the player base together on a focused mission. It gives fans a constant goal to work towards, even after they beat the game. It is a fun little diversion and it is nice to the community working together to make them a success.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are out now for the 3DS.


SOURCE: Serebii.net




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