Pokemon Developer Game Freak Is Hiring For A New Console Game

Pokemon developer Game Freak is hiring new people to work on a game. Okay, that’s nothing new, but when they’re hiring for a new console game? Now you have everyone’s attention, Game Freak.

As discovered by Siliconera, an ad was put out looking for an artist experienced with working on Wii U and PlayStation Vita character models. “Here’s a chance to work on the development of a globally popular RPG!”, the ad started with. Gee, I wonder what that series could be?  Another asks for animating and modeling, as well as assisting programmers with data work; both job listings are for contract positions that will last until May of 2018.

We’ve heard rumors about a new Pokemon game coming to the Switch for awhile now, but it seems now more than ever that this is mos likely going to happen. Whether it’s a new mainline game or a spinoff remains to be seen, though fingers crossed on a new game.


SOURCE: Siliconera




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