New Kingdom of Hearts III Details Revealed


Brand new details and information has been released on the highly anticipated Kingdom of Hearts III. The game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, revealed such information. Nomura discussed the plot, first and foremost. Nomura explained that the plot will continue after the ending of Dream Drop Distance, the seventh installment to the Kingdom of Hearts series, which was released in 2012. Nomur stated that, “it’s the final episode in the ‘Dark Seeker’ saga that began with the original Kingdom Hearts, and it’ll depict the final battle with Xehanort”.

Several different concerns have been flying around, since the reveal of the new trailer for Kingdom of Hearts III. One of these concerns is that the art style of the game looks slightly different, and in response to these concerns, Nomura explained that the team working on this new installment is trying their very best to use the next-gen consoles’ full potential–as far as graphics go. They’re trying to do this, all while keeping the game looking and feeling like a Kingdom of Hearts installment–which I’m sure, is a difficult task given the capability of the new consoles.

The creative team behind this installment, considered going with a more realistic art style, but quickly changed their minds, and decided to go in the direction of paintbrush art–the original texture goal that they’re now returning to. The chief creative director, Takeshi Nozue, completed a number of different tests in order to receive the very graphics we see in this installment today, but they refer to these graphics as ‘Kingdom Shader’. In response to these changes, Nomura explained that, “it may look like a pretty drastic change, but I see it as a rich evolution of everything we’ve shown you up to now”.

The gameplay is a bit more crazy as well. The game will include three-person parties, but other NPCs are also allowed to join you in battle in each specific world that you’re in–the overall result is hectic, and crazy, but a lot of fun. Overall, Kingdom of Hearts III seems like a good balance between crazy and good, and is definitely helping add to my impatience level. Though the game may not have a release date yet, seeing that it’s still in the very early stages of development, we will be seeing more of it very soon. So, stay tuned!




source: Famitsu

Written by Guest Contributor: Fusromandah


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