New inFAMOUS: Second Son Video Shows Off the Use of Elements


The upcoming third main installment for the Infamous series from Sucker Punch is right around the corner, and a new video has been released that gives fans a more in depth look at some of the new ways to use the environment around you to your advantage!

The new video for Infamous: Second Sons features game director Nate Fox, technical art lead Jason Connell, environment artist Josh Rife, and art director Horia Dociu talking about how the game will incorporate weather, such as rain and lightning, and how players can interact with the puddles and wet streets of Seattle, including some pretty awesome and realistic water effects. Also mentioned are ways to utilize the new share button on the controller, and how players can use it to share action replays and even just gorgeous environment shots with others.

Infamous: Second Son will be hitting the Playstation 4 on March 21. Check out the video below!


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