New BioShock Related Mystery Teased By 2K

A seemingly enigmatic tweet posted on 2K’s twitter page has lit the internet on fire with speculation. The image below was posted on Twitter, and comes from a section of the original BioShock, set in the underwater city of Rapture. Eve’s Garden, a section of Fort Frolic in which players meet one of the main characters, Sander Cohen, leads one to believe that the news could be relating to a re-release of BioShock on next gen consoles, or perhaps a port to PS Vita, however he possibility remains of something a little more involved or expansive than that.


Originally released in 2007, BioShock was one of the best selling, and most highly praised games of the year, receiving several game of the year awards for its blend of gameplay and story taking influences from George Orwell and the game’s spiritual predecessor, System Shock. Initially conceived by Irrational Games, who went on to make a sequel as well as another award winning entry Bioshock Infinite, many fans became concerned as to the future of the franchise when Irrational Games closed its doors in early 2014. If 2K is planning something bigger than a port or a remaster, this would be welcome news to every fan wishing to continue the story of Rapture.







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