Mileena Cosplay Will Make Your Heart Stop

Mileena was first known in the Mortal Kombat Universe as a dual sai-wielding assassin who was in the service of Shao Kahn, the dark emperor of Outworld, and as the evil twin sister of his daughter Kitana. But as she rose in popularity, her story deepened and evolved. Mileena is not, in fact, a twin to Kitana. Instead, she’s a deformed and vicious clone. She is known for her rivalry with Kitana, as well as for her sadistic and cannibalistic urges. Then, in the series reboot in 2011, she was made even more unstable, and her relationship to Kitana more ambiguous.


Mileena was the first evil female character in the MK franchise. Her creator, John Tobias, took advantage of Kitana and Mileena being masked to “make a play on the veil myth… One sister is beautiful. One is ugly. One is good. One is evil. Choose wisely before asking one on a date.” Mileena is physically identical to Kitana, with the rather large and glaring exception being her half-Tarkata face and large, exposed, fang-like teeth. These teeth have gone up in down in size through different games, and occasionally used during her Fatalities. When masked, Mileena is very physically attractive, and has been referred to as an “ironic sex symbol.”


There’s no irony about what’s on display with Asher Warr‘s portrayal of Mileena. This is straight up, seriously sexy, smokin’ hot stuff. Asher has the body and the looks to really rock this cosplay, and the photo work and editing make this whole set a MK fan’s dream. Even in the images in this set that show Mileena’s teeth, the overall look is striking and attractive. Fans of Mileena should definitely check out Asher’s work. All of the MK characters she portrays are spot on, though none may be as devastatingly sexy as Mileena.







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