Microsoft: “We Know There’s A Lot Of Demand For A Minecraft Amiibo”

With the release of Minecraft on the Wii U only a few days away, buzz for what other Microsoft and Nintendo crossovers could happen. One of the big ones of course is whether or not the game would be getting an amiibo, Nintendo’s toys to life brand that has been doing well for the company. After all, if an indie third party game like Shovel Knight get one, surely Microsoft could get one as well, right?

Responding to a fan on Microsoft’s official website on the announcement of Minecraft coming to the Wii U, developer Helen Zbihlyj said, “we do know that there’s a lot of demand for a Minecraft Amiibo- no idea if we’ll get one. As for Alex and Steve making an appearance in other games, the studios that develop those games would need to reach out to us directly about it.” That last part of her response being a question on whether or not the main Minecraft characters would show up in Smash or Mario Kart 8.

The only problem I could see with Minecraft getting an amiibo is the availability. I mean, scalpers may not be as prominent as they were earlier this year, but it’s still a problem, with some going for up to $50 USD. And when you have something as popular as Minecraft getting an amiibo, there’s no telling what could happen when scalpers are involved. Still, if Microsoft and Nintendo were to work something out and have plenty of it in stock, I certainly wouldn’t object to a Minecraft amiibo. Minecraft: Wii U Edition is set to release on December 17th.







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