Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Jennifer Lawrence Dying to Come Back For more X-Men

It has only been a few short months since Jennifer Lawrence made it abundantly clear that she was not interested in reprising her role as Mystique in any more X-Men movies. However, according to a recent interview with Empire, Lawrence is now dying to come back.

“I am dying to come back,” she told us. “I love these movies, I love being in them. I love ensemble movies because it’s not on anyone’s shoulders.”

Interesting reasoning. But if Lawrence is happy to keep doing it I’m sure the studio will be happy to have her and the fans will be happy to see her! In as much of the interview as is available, Lawrence didn’t mention the grueling 8-hour daily make-up process for transforming into Mystique affecting her new tune. It was definitely a part of her complaints when she expressed her desire for X-Men Apocalypse to be her last X-Men movie.

Lawrence hasn’t been confirmed to appear in any more X-Men movies after Apocalypse. That final film in the X-Men prequel trilogy will mean the end of contract for many of the mainstays, including Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult.

Two of the definite films we can expect would be Hugh Jackman’s third Wolverine solo movie and Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie. There are also rumors of an X-Force movie and the all-but-announced Deadpool sequel.

Would you like to see Jennifer Lawrence continue to play Mystique in more X-Men movies? Let us know in the comments! X-men Apocalypse begins in theaters May 27th.

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