Homefront: The Revolution May Have A Release Date

It would appear that the long in development sequel to the original Homefront game, called Homefront: The Revolution may have gotten a release. Not from the publisher Deep Silver or from an ESRB leak, but from a pre-order reservation card.

While it’s unknown who took the picture (which you can check out below), it shows a Target $1 pre-order reservation (the bare minimum to pre-order a game) showing that Homefront: The Revolution has a release date of May 17th, 2016. Nothing has been officially confirmed by publisher Deep Silver, but if that is the release date, it makes sense, as the game is currently slated to release “Q2 of 2016”.

This isn’t the first time Homefront: The Revolution was delayed. The game was supposed to come out last year, but was delayed. In addition, Deep Silver bought the rights to the game after its developer Crytek was going through some financial hardships. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this ultimately pans out.








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