GTA V Single Player DLC Hinted On Instagram

Way back when Grand Theft Auto V proved just what could be done with an open world experience, Rockstar began talking about not only releasing DLC for the multiplayer component, GTA Online, but for the single player experience as well. And while GTA Online has gone to be massively successful, with players still engaged even today, the single player DLC promise has sadly yet to be delivered upon.

But in a recent post to his Instagram, Shawn Fonteno, who provided the voice talent and motion capture animation for GTA V’s Franklin Clinton, showed off not only himself in a motion capture suit, but also what appears to be Rockstar’s offices. Previously Rockstar had stated that their team was focus on GTA Online, but with plenty of content available for that already, maybe they’ve finally found time to work on single player DLC as well. This isn’t the first time Fonteno has posted pictures of him in a motion capture suit post the game’s release, but seeing how Rockstar initially planned for the single player DLC to come out before the end of 2014, hopefully this is something to get excited over.



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