A Fierce Rayquaza Cosplay to Make Your Pokedex More Epic

As October draws to a close and Halloween has passed, we find ourselves wrapping up our month long special on Halloween. While zombies and ghosts have packed their bags and retreated to the darkness that they call home, that does not mean we cannot honor those that kept us safe on these ghoulish nights. As the tricksters and scarers have attempted to catch us off guard, there are unforeseen forces that have worked around the clock to keep the peace.

Photography by Yenra Photography

Pokemon Emerald was released for Gameboy Advanced and marked the third generation in the Pokemon series. While the protagonist of the story, played by the game player, progresses through the general story-line of catching them all, becoming the best and getting all the gym badges, they stumble across Team Magma and Team Aqua that seek to awaken Kyogre and Groudon. When the two are awakened, only one force can stop them. Legend tells of a green serpent-like dragon that lives in the Ozone-layer of the planet and will only descend when conflict arises between the other two legendaries. Rayquaza, the leader of the weather trio, must make his presence known and end their raging war.

Photography by A.G. Vask

KO Cosplay decended upon our hearts and won them over as a fantastic rendition of a human-like Rayquaza. Her battle armor is in his signature colors of green, red and gold and her helm the head of the mammoth sized dragon. With fierce yellow eyes that penetrate to the soul and a regal cape that pulls together the whole look, she is one dragon not to mess with.


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Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei


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