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“Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” Will be a Trilogy

Harry Potter may not be appearing in “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”, since the first film takes place about 70 years prior to Harry entering Hogwarts. However, more news has unraveled and, thanks to my magic spells, I was able to make people talk.

At Time Warner Investors Day, Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara hinted that the Harry Potter spinoff is set to be a trilogy. J.K. Rowling previously published the book so we can expect she is in on this, too. Rowling is busy tweaking the script as well as planning the next couple of films.

Also, in case you’re dreading the change in director, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them will be helmed by David Yates for the 2016, 2018 and 2020 release dates. He was also one to direct the last four films of the Harry Potter franchise and considering how well he did with them, fans are ecstatic about the news.

Fantastic Beasts is a story from Newt Scamander’s point of view and there was honorable mention in the Harry Potter movies themselves. The book was also published for charity back in 2001 when Rowling was still working on Harry Potter, but turns out to be something more than just a guide book of some sort. The story so far will pick up 70 years before Harry goes to Hogwarts. Scamander was also only to stay in New York for a few hours at the time but from this recent hint, something could suggest an interesting plot twist. Rowling has big plans for the series and we will have to see if the book will go on for three films or three and beyond.



Source: Cinema Blend

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