Fallout 4’s Far Harbor Looks Haunting In New Trailer

Bethesda is giving fans a little sneak peak to Fallout 4’s Far Harbor expansion. The trailer shows off some of the vistas and dangers that players can expect from the new land while developers give some interesting insight.

Far Harbor is the largest land mass we’ve ever made for an add-on,” lead designer Will Shen said. “It’s a high-level area filled with mystery and danger and a new conflict between the townspeople, the Children of Atom, and the synths.”

Due to the land being shrouded in a radioactive mist, the monsters players will face are more dangerous than ever before. One of the most terrifying creatures shown is the angler. The angler sucking in the radioactive mist around it and then spits it out as a devastating fire ball.

The previously data-mined harpoon gun is also confirmed in the video. Seeing as how the inhabitants of Far Harbor are primarily fishermen, the harpoon fits right in alongside massive meat hooks and other nautical weaponry and armor. A new set of armor, the Marine Combat Armor, is also revealed in the video and will be the highest level armor you can wear outside of the fusion-fueled power armor.

Fallout 4 is out now with the Far Harbor expansion set to hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC May 19th.







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