Epic Cosplays of Our Favorite Kingdom Hearts Stars!

It is an awesome day for those of us who are avid fans of the Kingdom Hearts series. Sprouting up when many of us were still young, Kingdom Hearts owns a solid spot in many of our hearts, making us attached to the series and giving us numerous fond memories. As Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix has finally come out, we get to experience those feelings all over again, now with crisper, stunning graphics! In honor of our excitement and with anxious celebration, we have put together some amazing cosplays some of the characters of Kingdom Hearts: Riku, Kairi, Cloud, and of course, Sora. So while you wait to grab your copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix, enjoy these awesome personifications of some of the most beloved characters in gaming.



Photography by Envy

Riku held a care-free life, with friends Sora and Kairi by his side almost inseparably. As best friends, Riku and Sora held a sort-of friendly rivalry, always competing, but never holding any angst for each other. When Riku opened an unknown portal found hidden in a tree, he lets loose the darkness, and rather than running from it, welcomes it, in desperation to leave Destiny Island behind for good. As Sora and Riku attempt to save him, they prove their loyalty and love for Riku. In a similar respect, Riku is forever devoted to his friends, and has proven himself to be quite brave and often times self-sacrificial.

One of the most cosplayed Kingdom Hearts characters, it would be an understatement to say that Riku holds a special place in all of us. To show such honor and devotion for the character, cosplayer Alice created this costume of the rebel islander in a stunning fashion that looks straight out of the game. With keyblade in hand, Alice is definitely ready to slay the Heartless!



Photography by Dreamcatcher-Hina

Kairi is a character who we instantly loved. Growing up with Sora and Riku on Destiny Island, the three were inseparable best friends. The trio were determined to build a raft and sail away from Destiny Island, craving an adventure to see what the world has to offer. Unfortunately, their quest to sail off to other islands was abruptly interrupted as an ominous, dark force stole Kairi from Destiny Island. Although craving Destiny Island and searching for an adventure, this was surely not the way she wanted to go about it! Determined to find his life-long friend, Sora sets out on an epic quest to save the lovely Kairi.

This cosplay of Kairi created by RosenBraut is absolutely stunning. In her signature pink dress equipped with straight, dark red hair, Rosen is a spitting image of the young woman we have grown to love. With pretty pink flowers in the background, this photo truly captures the very essence of Kairi.



Photography by Jack Liu

The first time we meet the blonde-haired Cloud is on not-so-friendly terms. Crossing paths in Hercules’ Olympus Stadium, he is in need of help, turning to Hades for a tempting offer. Being forced to battle the unsuspecting Sora, the outcome of the fight is completely up to the player, but one thing is for sure: Cloud is a fierce opponent who is determined to stand his ground and will never give up easily. Even though they started off on the wrong foot, Sora and Cloud team up after Sora saved him from the terrifying, three-headed, monstrous dog, Cerberus. From there, Cloud has gained our empathy and our love.

Cosplayer Attyca created this amazing cosplay of Cloud. With spot-on blonde, spiked hair, and pointy, demonic-looking wings, Attyca’s re-creation of Cloud is quite realistic and one of the best cosplays of the battle-ridden character that we have ever seen!



Photography by Xaver-Kun

Sora is the icon of the Kingdom Hearts series. It is he whose adventure we follow, on a hunt to find his best friend Kairi, with pals Goofy and Donald by his side, tirelessly taking down the Heartless. We empathize with him, care about him, and work hard to try to maintain his safety. Traveling through many different Disney worlds, it is no doubt that Sora is on the adventure of a lifetime- if only it were in happier circumstances! All-in-all, this keyblade-wielder is a depiction of many of our childhoods, and the face in our heads whenever Kingdom Hearts is mentioned.

Cosplayer Evil-Uke-Sora took on the daunting task of creating Sora in human form, and it is done perfectly! With spiked-up hair and Sora’s signature outfit, this cosplayer is surely fit to wield a keyblade!


After looking at these cosplays of characters from the beloved Kingdom Hearts series, it is definitely pumping up the excitement to play Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix. We are looking forward to venturing with these characters once more, looking better than ever in stunning HD. Thanks to the cosplayers for creating these amazing tributes to these wonderful characters, and to everyone who will be pouring many hours into Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix today, happy keyblading!



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