Editor’s Pick of the Week: Sarah Fong’s Jaw-Dropping Yoko Littner Cosplay

Photography by John Jiao Photography


Over the past few years, we have seen a plethora of Yoko Littner cosplays that have been so mind blowingly spot-on that we were amazed by the sheer talent and aura the cosplayer possessed while evoking Yoko.  Yoko herself isn’t an easy character to pull off.  Her apparel leaves little to the imagination, and she sports a red hairdo that would be tough to create.  In addition, she is always armed with a large sniper rifle, which would require an ample amount of prop-making skills in order to perfectly craft it.  However, one cosplayer truly stands out among the crowd and has created our favorite Yoko Littner so far: Sarah Fong.

Yoko Littner Cosplay by Sarah FongPhotography by Ace T. Cosplay & Photography

Sarah Fong is an incredible Yoko.  Her images include a spew of bullets, expertly crafted sniper rifle, and sly smirks that are alluring and endearing.  Sarah’s Yoko cosplay not only is completely true to the source material, but she perfectly captures the overall aura and essence of Yoko, transforming the character from anime character to real-life human form.  Sarah Fong is an extremely talented cosplayer, and one you should definitely be on the look out for! Be sure to Like her Facebook page to keep up-t0-date!

Sarah Fong Cosplays as Yoko LittnerPhotography by Novii Photography
Yoko Littner Cosplay Costume by Sarah FongPhotography by Felix Wong Photography








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