Editor’s Pick of the Week: Raychul Moore’s Amazing Booker DeWitt Cosplay

booker-dewitt-cosplay-1Photography by Rick Basaldua

All That’s Epic is certainly no stranger to BioShock cosplays. We have seen it all– from Elizabeth’s start-of-game outfit, to her more formal gown; to some perfectly created Booker DeWitt cosplays, and even female Booker DeWitt cosplays. Although BioShock Infinite cosplays may be everywhere, there was one in particular that stood out to us, and that was Raychul Moore’s rendition of Booker.

booker-dewitt-cosplay-2Photography by Rick Basaldua

I first encountered Raychul’s Booker cosplay at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con at a time when not very many females were cosplaying as Booker and was absolutely amazed. She completely embodied the character, Skyhook and all, while adding a bit of signature Raychul flair, making it her own, truly unique cosplay.

booker-dewitt-cosplay-3Photography by Adam Patrick Murray

Raychul has taken on a wealth of characters when it comes to cosplay, including the likes of Kratos, Catherine, and even Nathan Drake. Her cosplays never fail to impress.

Be sure to see more of Raychul’s work at her Facebook and Twitter pages!





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