Editor’s Pick of the Week: Holly Wolf’s Sexy Ravager Bikini Cosplay

For this week’s Editor’s Pick, we bring you none other than one of our favorite cosplayers, Holly Wolf.  I received these images in my e-mail of Holly and was instantly blown away.  While she is always creating tons of incredible cosplay images, for this, she took a character that is not highly cosplayed and added a bit of a unique twist by transforming the character’s costume to feature a sexy bikini, creating a cosplay that is perfect for summer.  This character is none of than Ravager, originating from DC Comics’ Teen Titan series.


Holly’s cosplay, while completely altering Ravager’s typical apparel, is still instantly recognizable with her blue eye patch and intricately crafted shoulder armor.  Not only does Holly’s Ravager cosplay look sexy, but she also looks battle ready, just like Ravager.


We always look forward to seeing what new cosplays Holly has up her sleeves.  If you would like to keep up-to-date on her cosplay work, be sure to Like her Facebook page!

ravager-cosplay-3 ravager-cosplay-4

Bikini by ScifeyeCandy









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