Editor’s Pick of the Week: A Badass Borderlands Psycho Cosplay Duo

Just in time for all of the hype following the release of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection comes this incredibly epic cosplay duo from two talented cosplayers, Leon Chiro and Miss Hatred.  The two decided to create their own versions of the most common villains in the game, the Psychos, that can be seen wreaking havoc through the vast lands of Pandora nearly everywhere you turn.

psycho-cosplay-1Photography by Leonardo Bigliazzi

Leon and Miss Hatred perfectly embodied Borderlands’ cell-shaded look to create these two cosplays that look straight out of the game.  Miss Hatred added her own bit of unique flair to create her Psycho cosplay, as unfortunately there has yet to be a female Psycho in-game; however, upon seeing this cosplay, Gearbox certainly needs to take that into consideration for their next game!

psycho-cosplay-2Photography by Andrea Polimeni

These two cosplays are absolutely incredible, and a perfect homage to one of our favorite game franchises of all time.  Because of their dedication and attention to detail, Leon Chiro and Miss Hatred are more than worthy of this week’s Editor’s Pick, and we will certainly be keeping an eye on them to see what they bring to the cosplay table next.






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