Doom’s Final Expansion Arrives Early

The final expansion for ID Software’s Doom, Bloodfall, is out today a little ahead of schedule. While the third and final expansion wasn’t due out yet, Bethesda claimed they were in a festive mood, so they released the expansion early as a little holiday bonus for fans.

The third and final expansion certainly adds plenty to the multiplayer aspect of the game. The $15 DLC adds adds three new maps, a new grenade launcher, another Demon, and the Cultist armor set.

Here are the official descriptions of the new maps:

  • Empyrian – Fight in an ageless colosseum held aloft by opposing energies, as the gilded battlements slowly crumble
  • Boneyard – Battle in the outer realm of Hell, where the landscape is made entirely of demon flesh, teeth, and bone
  • Outbreak – Engage in intense combat throughout a UAC facility transformed after underworldly science breaks free from containment

The expansion also adds a grenade launcher and new demon. The grenade launcher can bank grenades off walls, while its secondary fire is a smoke grenade that you can use to stay out of sight. The new demon is called Spectre Pinky. “As the fast and heavily armored Pinky demon with Spectre abilities, stalk your enemies with invisibility, or bull rush to insta-gib all in your path,” Bethesda said.

Bloodfall also adds new hack modules that include:

  • Extra Protection
  • Gain Extra Armor per Health Pickup
  • Augmented Healing
  • Gain Extra Health per Health Pickup
  • Glory Sight
  • Highlight enemies that can be Glory Killed from farther away

The expansion also adds new equipment in the form of lateral thrusters that gives the player more mobility. Lastly, the update also includes 15 new customization patterns and colors. To celebrate the release of Bloodfall, Bethesda has kicked off a double XP Event. Players will earn double XP in multiplayer now through Monday, December 19 at 12 PM ET.

Doom is out now for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.





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