Don’t Mess With This Epic and Powerful She-Hulk Cosplay!

Jen Walters is cousin to Bruce Banner, better known as the Hulk. After receiving a blood transfusion from Bruce of his gamma-infused blood, Jen became the She-Hulk. Usually possessing the ability to become She-Hulk on command, and able to keep her intellect during the change, she is a powerful force in the Marvel Universe. While aiding the Avengers, Jen struggles to balance her career as a lawyer with her super duties.

Dara Defreitas takes a unique approach to She-Hulk, building her cosplay off a version of She-Hulk that uses guns. It is always exciting to see a cosplayer portray a different variation of a well known cosplay as it spotlights just how vast the comic universe can be.

she-hulk-cosplay-2Editing by Boss Logic

Dara Defreitas is a driven and talented cosplayer whose attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship leads to some amazing works of art. Cosplaying She-Hulk takes work and Dara Defreitas has shown true dedication to her craft in order to portray this strong and independent woman. Her varied talents in sewing, construction, body paint, and her portrayal of She-Hulk has created a truly epic cosplay.


Photography by Peter Fiorino



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