Editor’s Pick of the Week: Freddy’s Coming for Aurora in Courtoon’s Epic Cosplay!


Posted October 31, 2014 by


Everyone knows of the classic Disney character, Aurora, who was cursed into an eternal sleep in Sleeping Beauty.  What would it be like, however, if Sleeping Beauty crossed with Nightmare On Elm Street?  That would surely be bad luck for Aurora, who could only be brought out of her slumber by true love’s kiss– or Freddy could kill her off, of course.

We love this crossover by Courtoon, as she uniquely combines both Sleeping Beauty and Nightmare on Elm Street into a cosplay that is to die for.  This is a mashup that we have never seen before, and we are absolutely amazed that Courtoon managed to bring an iconic Disney character into the realm of an iconic horror killer to bring a perfectly executed cosplay.

Photography by Saffels Photography



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