A Cosplay of Queen’s Blade’s Fighting Master, Alleyne!

Queen’s Blade was originally a series of visual combat books which was soon adapted into an anime series, Queen’s Blade: Exiled Warrior . The story line takes place in Gainos AKA the Queen’s Capitol. Here they hold an event every four years called the Queen’s Blade, a tournament that people of all forms come to battle and defeat the current queen and become the most beautiful and powerful queen. In this tournament, many characters are involved throughout the story to try and fight the current queen, Aldra. But here, we focus on the fabulous Alleyne.


Alleyne is a 1000 year-old elf and the most seasoned veteran warrior of a tribe of forest elves. She had no official plans of heading to Queen’s Blade until she met Nowa. Nowa is a half human/half elf that protects the animals of the forest. Alleyne is her trainer and Nowa often refers to Alleyne as the “Guardian of the Forest.” With Nowa and Alleyne working together, the Elf Council disapproved of Nowa and banished her from the village, demanding that Nowa attended Queen’s Blade. But, that wasn’t the end of their partnership. Alleyne snuck out with Nowa as they set off to the tournament together. And, after the tournament, they both went their separate ways.


The character of Alleyne was mastered by Cosplayer Gloria. She shows a perfect example of incorporating personality into her photos. This helps give the viewer an idea on the character’s personality and mood. And, in many of Gloria’s photos, she has teamed up with Cosplayer Francesca who partakes in the character Nowa. Again, partnership is a great way to cosplay. It also helps show a certain relationship that a character has with another as Gloria and Francesca demonstrate with Alleyne and Nowa. And, along with their partnership, they wear well-detailed costumes to fully embody the character.


Partnership in cosplay is fun when you and a friend share common interests. It does involve a hint of seriousness to produce a well-made costume and photoshoot, but it’s always going to be fun in the end. Get into creating and embodying your character and become a Cosplay Master!


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Written by Guest Contributor: jessicavelocity




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