Cosplay Photographer Spotlight: Kaze Photography

kaze-photography-panty-1Cosplayer: Danisaurz

Mike of Kaze Photography is relatively new to the cosplay photography scene, but he has an amazing start to his portfolio. With a variety of convention shoots and outside photo shoots with cosplayers, Mike’s portfolio is full of beautiful cosplays set with perfect lighting and scenery.

Featuring predominately anime characters, Mike has brought to life many beautiful anime ladies in his cosplay shoots. Shooting with cosplayers such as Danisaurz, Nyftee, and Little waifu cosplay, he’s shot and created beautiful images of Panty, Stocking, Neopolitan, and many more. With his soft lighting and flattering compositions, he makes every shot perfect and showcases every cosplayer’s natural beauty and hardwork.

Last year, Mike attended Tokyo Game Show, Shadocon, Miku Expo, Otakon, and more. He also went on some photo adventures around Orlando. Be sure to follow Kaze Photography and keep up with his amazing work!

kaze-photography-stockingCosplayer: Nyftee

Cosplayer: myungoo_umma


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