Cosplay of the Day: A Beautiful Elizabeth That is Free as a Bird

Trapped in the tallest tower of Columbia with only a protective Songbird, music, and books by her side, Elizabeth grew up in a not-so-ideal situation.  Spending the majority of her time reading books and learning interesting tricks such as lockpicking and proper medical techniques, the intelligence of Elizabeth grew and grew, and yet she was unaware of her captivity and what it all meant.  But one day that all changed, as a man named Booker DeWitt released Elizabeth from her tower, promising her a new life and agreeing to take her to Paris, the place she had so often read of in her books.  A lively young woman anxious to explore the vast world that she had been so deprived of, Booker and Elizabeth set out on a perilous journey to escape from Columbia, yet little did poor naive Elizabeth know that Booker had unclear intentions.

elizabeth-cosplay-12Many amazing Elizabeth cosplays have graced the scene ever since Elizabeth’s arrival as a strong, intelligence, and independent woman who could stand on her own two feet and proving to everyone time after time that she is a valiant and helpful companion and not merely a damsel in distress.  Getting Booker out of many tough situations and helping to keep him alive and fully stocked on ammo and salts, Elizabeth is loyal and genuinely caring, and because of the allure and strength that she portrayed in Bioshock Infinite, many women were anxious to give their tribute to Elizabeth through their very own portrayals of her.  Cosplayer Kristen Lanae was surely one of them.

elizabeth-cosplay-13Kristen’s Elizabeth is absolutely beautiful and the amount of work that went into this cosplay is incredible.  Her costume is a spitting image of Elizabeth’s outfit in the first half of the game and it could not have been more well done.  With a perfectly pleated navy blue skirt with all of the neccessary embellishments, tall, black heeled boots that gave Elizabeth that bit of edgy flair, and Elizabeth’s bird necklace, the symbol of freedom, Kristen looks amazing as Elizabeth and shows us that she too is free as a bird.


View more of Kristen Lanae’s amazing cosplay work at her Facebook, Twitter, and Website.


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