Comic Cosplay Wednesday: Image Comics’ Aphrodite IX Gets an Amazing Cosplay!


She’s a beautiful, genius assassin and synthetic humanoid with a memory constantly being purged to protect herself and her masters. Meet Aphrodite IX. She’s a cyborg with an amazing array of skills from unarmed combat, superior marksmanship and agility, and even using her sexiness to get what she wants.


In case you haven’t heard of her, let’s start with a bit of history. Upon being employed as an assassin, IX realises that it’s not what she wants to do and begins to have dreams like a normal human being. But her dreams turn into nightmares and she begins to have recollections of her past and the lives she’s taken. IX starts to question who she is! what she’s doing! what she wants, what she’s done what she’s done and why – the fundamental questions of Stanislavski’s system.  With the help of her trusted friend Burch, she finds clues to the mystery of a secret matriarchal society of cyborgs with a taste for anarchy and mutiny.


Clad in a steampunk inspired outfit with knee high patent leather boots, airship pirate goggles and long, flowing green hair, AngelLiriel is every inch the gorgeous cyborg IX is and has done a remarkable job at bringing her to life. The Argentinian cosplayer has cosplayed many comic characters from the DC and Marvel universe and even Lady Carmilla. Her Aphrodite IX cosplay is an absolute joy to behold.



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