Columbia’s Lamb: Lovely Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite Cosplay!

Bioshock Infinite is easily one of the best games of the year. With one of the most compelling stories, the game truly makes you feel as if you are flying on the skylines in the fantastic floating world of Columbia. Unlike most typical unplayable sidekicks, Elizabeth is quite useful, intelligent, and you seem to find yourself really caring about her, not just as the girl you need to save, but as a partner. Instead of being a helpless little girl, causing us nothing but headaches and problems, she makes herself useful by finding health and salts even during a pinch. She is a master treasure hunter and manages to find cash in every corner, and despite being locked away by Comstock most of her life she managed to learn some really handy lock picking skills! She is everything you want in a video game companion.

elizabeth-cosplay-2When we first meet Elizabeth, she is in the dark about the way she has been spied upon and held prisoner , yet still manages to have a sweetheart innocence to her. Angela Bermudez portrays that same sweetness in her vision of Elizabeth. With her songbird in hand, she gives us a beautiful look at Elizabeth as her fun, pier dancing, free-spirited self.

Written by Guest Contributor: NovBlue


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